PerfectMind is a market leader in offering Member Management Software as a Service. To be able to scale out migrations of legacy municipal systems to PerfectMind, company has chosen Alianz’s digital framework for migrating heterogeneous legacy data sources in cloud applications such as PerfectMind. In 2017 Alianz became the exclusive implementation partner for PerfectMind with a mandate to conduct 25-30 data migrations and, if necessary, integration projects a year for Canadian and USA municipalities.

Project Goal

Supply highly configurable data migration framework and cost-efficient implementation services ensuring PerfectMind’s ability to onboard 50+ new clients every year.

Alianz Role

Exclusive service provider for data migration from legacy systems to cloud based PerfectMind software platform.


Alianz faced the following significant risks and challenges for supporting PerfectMind deployments for Canadian and USA municipalities:

  • Standardizing processes for gathering data migration requirements, ensuring data quality, build, release, and acceptance management
  • Substantial scope of each migration project – personal, membership, scheduling, financial and GL data migration
  • Ensuring compliance to FOIPPA requirements to information privacy and security during transition
  • Design and implementation of model-driven data migration factory, where business rules are driven by configuration of metadata.
  • Ensuring that factory is agnostic to type of legacy data source or database
  • Accommodation of 10+ concurrent implementation and data migration projects factoring significant budget and time constrains.
  • Complexity and variations of legacy data sources

Major outcomes

PerfectMind was able to significantly extend its market share over the 2018-2019 period.

During this period Alianz has conducted 20+ enterprise-class data migrations from legacy systems to PerfectMind SaaS platform including for the following cities:

Burlington, Milton, Brampton, Kingston, Guelph, Grande Prairie (Ontario and Alberta municipalities) and

Surrey, Richmond, Coquitlam, Nanaimo, Maple Ridge, Kamloops, Penticton, Prince George, White Rock, Strathcona, Chilliwack, Langley, Courtney (municipalities of British Columbia),

helping PerfectMind to reach a significant business milestone – company’s acquisition by TSG on April 2020.

Timelines and Methodology

Foundation of our model-driven framework for data migration was built over the course of 7 months leveraging Microsoft data platform and agile SDLC methodology.


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Support Contract

Ongoing since 2017

Environment and Technology

Microsoft Data Platform

Date : 2017 - Ongoing

Client : PerfectMIND

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