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Consulting Services

Here at Alianz, we specialize in providing technology consulting services with a focus on comprehensive and widespread turnkey delivery of enterprise IT projects leveraging low-cost and high-productivity Microsoft Azure and Power Apps platforms. With an extensive array of domain-specific knowledge and managerial excellence at our fingertips, our experienced and dedicated team delivers dynamic innovation straight into the hands of industry leaders and public enterprises. We accomplish this through expert augmentation of the implementation process, as well as quality-driven solutions that work for you.

Complete satisfaction from a project sponsor is the only criteria we will accept before declaring our job done. By combining the principles of this business policy with an ongoing investment in our people and methods, Alianz has built a strong, enduring, and mutually beneficial relationship with over 100 companies in Canada and worldwide. Our commitment is to help you plan, initiate, and complete technology projects that will play a key role in achieving vital strategic advantages and critical success for your business.


We believe that we can make a difference in peoples’ lives through innovations. The end result of project matters the most for our people. These cultural principles unite us with our clients and drives our success.

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We grow technical, business and managerial excellence in-house. We bring it to industry leaders and public enterprises in an exclusive manner to address their core business risks and initiatives by delivering complete, cost effective IT solutions.



We innovate by challenging enterprise integration as well as collaboration problems and delivering scalable solutions driven by long term business objectives.