Integrated Managed Solutions

Application Suite for Booking Mammogram Appointments

Alianz is the vendor of an application suite for managing calendars of breast cancer screening facilities and booking mammogram appointments. The following business applications constitute the suite:

  • Functionality for both managing the service locations and availability of screening devices down to five minutes intervals
  • Capability for booking of individual or group appointments by customer service clerks
  • Provision of a public self-service web portal that allows clients to book mammogram appointments online
  • HL7 SIU-type messaging engine for notifying radiology centers upon new, rescheduled and canceled appointments

The bespoke application suite is agnostic to the deployment topology. It can be deployed as a Dynamics 365 on-premise applications or alternatively as a PowerApps applications.

Contact us for a detailed case study of the latest deployment of our application suite for the British Columbia Cancer Agency.

Bylaw-City Managed Solution

Alianz offers a Bylaw-City managed solution to municipalities operating and enforcing bylaw regulations across multiple departments. The solution supports the complex journey of cases triggered by bylaw enforcement and supports the workflow undertaken by officers and citizens collaborating on shared or connected cases.

The solution provides a 360-view of a citizen’s profile including safety cautions and fully supports mobile devices to support both enforcement activity and case management while working in the field. The solution simplifies collaboration between parties involved in reviewing bylaw cases and complaints, conducting investigations, managing evidence and sharing case progress.

Bylaw-City is a purpose-built managed solution derived from our rPoint-City application suite family. It enables and provides for Government-to-Government exchange of information, Government-to-Business provisions of online business-focused services and Government-to-Citizen delivery of public services. These prebuilt components include delegated administration components, the ability for an entity to act on behalf of a group for payments, legal submissions, regulatory filings and secure access approval processes to published reports and dashboards.

Predictive Data Analytics for Rapid Transit

For both rapid transit operators and asset maintenance entities, we offer the Transit-Insight Analytics platform (TI-Analytics).

TI-Analytics performs data aggregation and warehousing via read-only interfaces to low-level systems including those for train control, signaling, and asset management. TI-Analytics converts data into information, supports the identification of required Management Information, and populates key transit performance indicators supporting service requirements.

From a business standpoint, TI-Analytics provides automated views on the state of transit operations, service availability and quality requirements; the ability to implement proactive, cost and time effective maintenance practices; and comprehensive decision support services including ‘what-if’ analyses of system changes on overall transit performance.

TI-Analytics has been deployed to, and adopted by, high-performing European, Asian, and North American rapid transit operators for effective management of day-to-day operations focused on the business and delivery needs of management, asset management and operational teams.

TI-Analytics has been built exclusively on Microsoft’s data technologies.