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ERP-Link is a cloud-based, light-weight, purpose-built integration platform that allows you to consolidate and aggregate data from one or multiple Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP’s) tools to your existing CRM or reporting platform through a secure, non-intrusive methodology.

Through all stages of a job, from the ‘pre-bid’ all the way to the project close out’ – all of the pertinent information about the job or the client can be shared across your organization – ensuring everyone is on the same page and up to date. By doing something as easy as following a job, like a person might do social media – any member of management or project teams can now be notified of the information they are interested in the moment it becomes available and relevant. Even if there are multiple bids on a job … lighting, electrical, transformers, design, etc,… each team will be aware and up to date on every aspect of the job even if the quotes are all entered into different systems.

When following up with clients, your sales teams will be up to speed and aware of all the associated potential and actual jobs related to the client. With this knowledge readily at hand, they can not only discuss the current job but also get updates on the status of other jobs and quotes.

ERP-Link for Sales Management and Forecasting

With the augmented CRM data provided by ERP-Link you are able to enhance your abilities to view:

  • Product demand for Manufactures
  • Demand forecasting for Distributors
  • Delivery forecasting for Customers

Sales forecasting is a foundation for enterprise wide success.  ERP-Link simplifies the collection of forecast data and you can now easily view and incorporate past and present performance data into your forecasting allowing you to make more accurate forecast,  no more data entry into stale disjointed spreadsheets with manual processes.

Whether you have CRM expertise in-house or need some expertise to assist your team, we can work with you to help build out robust forecasting reports using the built-in forecasting functionality in any CRM or develop customized forecasting tools specific to meet your specific needs.

Once the integration layer is implemented, the information that you want will now be at your avail.  Whether you use your team of highly skilled Salesforce resources or would like assistance from our expert consultants, you are ready to take the next step to getting the information you need.

If you are interested in hearing more about ERP-Link or would like to look at a Proof-of-Concept, please contact us.

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