MAC’s II Agencies

How MAC‘s II Increased Their Conversion Rate by 9% 

MAC’s II Agencies is a leading lighting sales agency operating in British Columbia, Canada. Their use of OASIS was critical for their quotation system but wasn’t easy to use nor did it provide the reporting capabilities they require. Their use of disconnected e-mail accounts locked critical information in “silos” that were inaccessible to the team members who needed it. 

They were looking for an integrated solution that would address these issues and lead to an increased conversion rate of quotations to orders. 


• Eliminate the confusion of multiple, disconnected e-mail addresses. 

• Implement Customer Relations Management (CRM) software. 

• Augment their current use of OASIS. 

• Improve the conversion rate of quotations to orders. 


• Leverage Salesforce to coordinate and centralize communication between all team members. 

• Implement Agency Online to extract data from OASIS. 

• Utilize Salesforce as a fully-fledged CRM. 


• 15% increase in personal project portfolios. 

• 26% increase in projects opened. 

• 9% increase in projects won.


MAC’s II Agencies’ Kyle Embley says…

“It was a pleasure working with Alianz – their team was professional and easy to work with. They took the time to understand our business and were able to deliver a solution that was tailored to our specific needs. The system they implemented addressed a few areas that were inhibiting our growth. This ultimately resulted in competitive advantages and simplified processes.

“The training was wellorganized and simple to understand. The trainers were engaging and provided interactive handson training with our staff. Alianz has provided the support we required throughout this process, never hesitating to address our needs. This implementation has been very positive. I would recommend Alianz to anyone.” 


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Date : August 2018

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