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Alianz increases Colliers’ CRM user adoption by over 79%, and provides near real-time financial and operational performance metrics to executives.

The Challenge

Use of a legacy CRM on-premise system, saddled with browser and platform restrictions, resulted in an inability to provide vital mobile and tablet support. Along with an absence of real-time executive reports on regional revenue, capacity, and scalability, a wasteful variety of disparate business processes were being used across the organization to achieve the same ultimate goal. A solution was required that supported differences between Canadian and USA data and processes, as all of these problems were causing an unacceptably low rate of user adoption.

Additionally, brokers were found to be working as independent entities within offices – without sharing information, and displaying limited trust in the quality of the data they had access to.

Another task before us was the migration of a large amount of on- premise data to an online cloud platform, handling up to 1,000 users possessing different permissions and security roles, and dealing with dated legacy custom apps with poor Ux.

Lastly, lack of detailed live-system usage reporting, and ensuring compliance with the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), were just a few of the many tasks before us.

Our Solution – people | process

1. Discovery

The initial phase of the project included our branded analysis process, consisting of:

C-Level requirements and feature-set prioritization:
– increase usability
– Real-time analytics/reporting
– Leverage legacy data
– Future-proofing

Conducting an organization-wide workflow analysis to optimize and unify processes

Carrying out usability studies across all user roles and regions

CASL analysis

2. Design & Development


For 12 months, an embedded Alianz Business Transformation team worked with Colliers’ senior management, utilizing a cross-section of users and internal development/IT teams.


Branded UX designed for simplicity, elegance and consistency across CRM, BI and Web Applications, while remaining compatible with future upgrades

Custom .NET industry Stacking Plan and Power Search apps

Business Intelligence dashboard and charts for C-level, paired with high quality, client-ready reports

Microsoft Technology stack:
– Dynamics CRM2015/16 Online
– SharePoint Online
– Azure (Data Warehouse, VMs)
– Business Intelligence – Power BI
– .NET Web Applications
– SCRIBE Online
– Reporting (SSRS)
Office 365

3. Managed Services

Post-launch Managed Services engagement:

Smaller, ongoing team of specialists, working with Colliers on the continuous improvement and support of the CRM+ application. This includes upgrades to the latest CRM Online version, and addition of 3rd party modules.

Results — performance


The Colliers CRM+ applications and mobile app stand as the core of their commercial real estate business across Canada and various regions within the USA. The application, housing all contacts, companies, commercial properties, listings, as well as lease and sale transactions, is now used by brokers, executives, researchers, coordinators, and support staff totalling over 1,000 active users.

In unifying processes across all regions, Colliers can now boast of having the industry’s leading office and industrial database of properties, listings, and transactions in CRM+.


Six months after launch, average daily usage across the country is up 79% from the previous low

Average initial page load times have dropped from approx. 30 secs to 7.9 (74% improvement)

Average subsequent page load times have dropped from approx. 12 secs to 2.8 (77% improvement)

Colliers BI application, provides senior executives with an accurate and current view of the financial and operational performance of the company.

Looking into the future 

Following the successful deployment of CRM+ across Canada and parts of the USA, Colliers is now look at the possibility of launching it as their global CRM solution, displacing outdated existing systems.

About Colliers

An Alianz client since 2014, Colliers International in Canada is the #1 commercial real estate

services company, whose offerings include: brokerage, valuation, consulting, real estate and project management, and project marketing and research. As such, Colliers Canada, and its more than 1,400 professionals, integrates the resources of real estate specialists across the country to accelerate the success of their clients with utmost efficiency.

In 2015 alone, Colliers Canada concluded more than 4,600 sale and lease transactions on behalf of investors and occupiers, totalling some US$7.8 billion across Canada, and currently manages 39.8 million square feet of real estate space.

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