Canadian Preventative Healthcare Agency

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The client provides disease control and screening programs across British Columbia and Yukon.

Business Needs
The client faced challenges executing outreach programs designed to provide its target population with information on preventative care. Challenges were caused by:

• Fragmented IT environments, making it difficult to access complete, relevant and accurate information on individuals in the target population
• A lack of technologies designed to support patient outreach

Alianz delivered a custom deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise, which empowered the client to:

• Access a single, central source of up-to-date patient information
• Leverage a CRM system built with patient outreach in mind
• Integrate existing clinical data sources into outreach systems


• Provided staff with complete patient data, integrated into outreach systems
• Streamlined communications processes in order to speed outreach activities
• Efficiently executed a diverse range of patient outreach programs
• Targeted individuals lacking a primary healthcare provider to advocate for preventative care

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