Canadian Distributor of Natural Resources

This client is one of the most significant utilities companies in the Pacific North West. It is also a noted innovator in alternative energy technologies.

Business Needs
The client was seeking to replace an inefficient capital management system with a more a scaleable, client-oriented set of business process, aligned with industry best practices. There was significant resistance to change, as many stakeholders did not believe the existing system was broken. Without the support of these individuals, it would be impossible to ensure that the new processes were universally adopted and effectively executed.

Alianz delivered a solution with three key elements:

1. Full documentation and critical analysis of the existing capital management system
2. Workshops designed to create a “safe” environment for open communication between stakeholders and departments
3. Educational activities, helping stakeholders understand the gap between common best practices and their own processes


• Provided a complete overview of the organization’s capital management system, allowing stakeholders to see how their activities were creating inefficiencies throughout the organization
• Identified key stakeholders who would drive change
• Created a consensus view that existing processes were inefficient
• Promoted an understanding of best practices underlying the proposed new capital management system

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