Predictive BI Practice

Organizations today require insights into markets, customers, and their own internal processes to stay ahead of the competition and deliver sustainable business performance.

We leverage our proven BI and data governance patterns, deep industry experience, and expertise in handling complex and big data to deliver transformative and predictive analytical solutions. These solution help organizations to turn data into information, discover insights and trends that drive actions.

Decision Support Solutions

We automate performance measurement at organizational, regional or business unit levels and present it in a form of simple, interactive and self-managed managerial dashboards and nested reports. As result, your business has comprehensive set of data-driven instruments to

  • Control and plan performance
  • Measure impact of business decisions
  • Foresee and manage business risks
  • Improve operations
  • Conduct forecasting and what-if analysis
  • Identify opportunities and actions


What Should Be Done Today to Prevent Service Disruption Tomorrow

Alianz offers analytical solutions that can aggregate, harmonize and analyze terabytes of sensor-type data to predict and prevent service disruption of complex infrastructure systems. Our industry specific data warehousing and big data solutions allows maintainer to know

  • How well individual system components or devices work
  • How well components or elements work together
  • Are there any systematic trends of worsening performance at element or system levels and root-cause of them
  • What are the biggest problems that maintainer must focus on today
  • Automate early detection of the weakest component in the system

Our prognostic solutions have been successfully deployed for European, Asian and North American rapid transit operators.