Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Alexander Dubichev

/ Managing Partner - Delivery
Alex has a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, and over 25 years of successful research, academia, and technical knowledge. In 2007, Alexander formed Alianz for the purpose of creating an alliance between leading industry talents and enterprise level companies to deliver transformative IT solutions. Since then, Alex has grown Alianz into a high-performing consulting agency with a focus on maintaining strong corporate culture, retaining key talent, and facilitating innovations. Today, Alexander manages business strategy and execution as well as overseeing the Systems Integrations division within.

Riaz Rawji

/ Senior Partner
Riaz is a Senior Partner and Board member at Alianz. He has over 30 years of Program and Project delivery expertise. His extensive experience and exceptional record of accomplishments across major IT organizations in senior leadership roles makes him a leader who can deliver large complex projects at both Local and National level. Riaz has been recognized for developing and implementing strategies for streamlining processes and increased productivity. His domain expertise include Banking, Healthcare, Utilities and Real Estate making him an asset to the organization.

Al Ytsma

/ Board Member
Al is the former CEO and President of Knowledgetech Consulting. With more than 40 years of information technology experience, he has worked with leading North American organizations, including over 30 years working for and/or leading major Canadian IT consulting companies. He is recognized by clients and industry front-runners for his leadership and proficiency in corporate strategy, customer relationship management, and IT sales strategies. As a Director and Board Member, Al contributes his expertise and experience to Alianz’ corporate sales, growth, and operational strategies.

Karel ten Hoope

/ Partner - Cloud Managed Solutions
Karel is the former CIO and Executive Vice-President of Knowledgetech Consulting, prior to its acquisition by Alianz. He has over 30 years of information technology experience in North America, including 25 years as an information technology consultant. As the founder of Knowledgetech in 1993, he was a key contributor for the establishment of Knowledgetech’s exceptional reputation for driving superior results. Karel is widely recognized for his deep technical knowledge and his ability to concisely explain complex technical concepts to facilitate ease of understanding. As a Director and Board Member, Karel will contribute corporate leadership and support for Alianz’ strategic direction.