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Increase your conversion rate of quotes to orders.

Are any of the following scenarios impacting your business?

  • A disconnect or lack of communication between the quotations group and specification writers or outside sales
  • Lack of access and visibility to project and customer information throughout the organization – including emails, notes, tasks, and events whether in the office or on the road
  • Significant amount of email noise – back and forth emails with limited visibility of critical details located in local email accounts inaccessible to others
  • Lack of visibility into the sales pipeline – no clear understanding of the orders that are booked in hold for release or released in production by customer or manufacturer
  • Inability to view, measure or report real time manufacturer and/or customer performance including analytics on product mixes and manufacture mix by customer

Agency Online is the solution for scaling out your business!

Designed specifically for Lighting and Electrical Sales Agencies, Agency Online business platform seamlessly extends your ERP (such as OASIS) and other data sources to your entire organization in a simple, easy and intuitive manner, all within a single platform.

Agency Online helps you to connect, consolidate, distribute, act and report on all relevant customer and project information, from pre-design through to warranty.  Whether on mobile, tablet or laptop, information is available in real time to whomever needs it, whenever they need it, staff can search and share information from wherever they are.

With Agency Online you can leverage a strategy where everyone is interacting in the same platform. This allows for easy communication and collaboration making your business more efficient.

Platform increases productivity of your teams significantly with real time updates and collaboration tools. It ensures the simple collection and delivery of key information to right audience – bid team, project leads and management.

Agency Online makes deal handoff a simple process that will require a fraction of the time that it would normally take to transition a project.

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